The Top 5 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight

The Top 5 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight

Are you running and running and wondering why you aren't losing weight (or worse, gaining weight)? Have you hit a plateau trying to hit your weight/fat loss goals? Do you feel like you are doing all the right things but you just aren't getting the results you want?  

You are not alone girl!

What most runners do is decide they want to run a distance, grab a free training download and start running. They run and run simply ramping up mileage, often cutting calories and feeling like becuase they are running so much they can eat ALL THE FOOD. While you may get some initial weight loss this way, more running and less quality food is a total recipe for hormonal disaster, muscle loss and weight gain.

So, here are the top five fitness and nutrition reasons why you may be finding yourself running and gaining weight:

  1. You're Workouts Don’t Support Muscle Building – If you have been running and running the same pace and just ramping up distance, you are not pushing your body to build lean muscle. While you will likely see some initial weight loss, you will be losing some very important fat burning muscle and slowing down your metabolism for the long run. In order to rev your metabolism, burn fat and build muscle to run fast and get that lean look, you need to perform workouts that stimulate lean muscle building. As a runner, this means that you need to be incorporating some strength, speed and core power workouts into your training program on the weekly to progressively overload your muscle setting them up to grow. When muscles are being overloaded they burn more calories during the workout. That work you expend during your workout will require rest and repair after your workout, which means you will burn more calories for up to 48 hours after your workout is over. This kind of muscle building will help you get fit, lean and strong. To do this effectively you need a strategic runner focused workout plan. This will also require that your diet be dialed in.
  2. You're Not Eating the Right Macros – One of the biggest challenges for runners is getting the correct balance of macro nutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) each and every day, each and every meal. Most runners are simply NOT eating the right macros, in the right balance, at the right times and for the right reasons making it impossible for your body up to burn fat no matter how many miles you are running. One of the biggest challenges for runners specifically, is that you are HUNGRY and tend to crave those carbs. You graze on easy to get your hands on, tasty, satisfying carbs all day, wrecking havoc on our hormones and that’s a problem because your body is going to store all those extra carbs as fat. In addition, those carbs are often nutrient poor and you are missing out on nutrients and the adequate amounts of protein and healthy fats your body requires to burn fat and end the craving cycle. If you’re eating the correct proportions of macros, at the right times, your body will have the fuel it needs to burn fat, end the cravings, end the energy crashes, lose weight and improve your performance. Less food is NOT the answer to weight loss. Over eating empty calories is sabotaging your results. While I do not recommend calorie counting specifically, I do encourage my runners to stay focused on eating real, nutrient dense food following the 80/20 rule (80% of the time eat really good food leaving 20% room for tasty treats).
  3. You're Not Getting Enough Sleep – One of the best ways to balance your hormones, balance your training and set your body up to crush cravings and burn fat is to prioritize sleep. Becoming fit, lean and STRONG AF as a runner requires 7 - 9 hours of sleep. Sleep is when Human Growth Hormone levels are highest which is required for muscles to fully recover, repair and grow. Sleep increases willpower. Sleep regulates hunger hormones. Sleep is key to burning fat, reducing injury rates, increasing your energy levels and feeling your absolute best. Not getting enough sleep will reduce your ability to handle stress and your body will naturally increase insulin levels - meaning you’ll store fat and crave foods. Get some sleep!!!
  4. You're On STRESS Overload  – Along with sleep, stress also affects your hormones, and hormone balance plays an important role in burning fat, building lean muscle and running STRONG. We all have stressors in our lives, and some level of stress is manageable and “normal,” however if you are constantly under pressure, running long, eating poorly you are on stress overload. Chronic stress levels will cause hormonal hell and put your body into fat storage mode no matter how many miles you run. Yes, stress can cause you to store fat. Running too much on a stressed system adds even more to the stress on your body. Prioritizing recovery strategies, rest days and juicy self care to bring down stress levels will work wonders for hitting your fat burning and fitness goals.
  5. You Have Poor Gut Health – One reason female runners struggle with weight loss and a slow metabolism is because of unhealthy gut flora. Your gut flora is what tells your body how much fat to store and has a direct effect on your hormones and your metabolism. Basically, if your gut flora is out of balance then digestive and weight issues, low mood and low immunity can result. A clean diet is key to a healthy gut. Our bodies thrive on real food, yet the Western diet, especially the runners diet, is often based around processed convenience food and drinks. Eating nutrient-dense foods and probiotic foods daily will help your body build and repair your gut, and every other body part as well. Some of the most nutrient-dense foods include dark leafy greens, colourful fruits and veggies and fish. Trying to wean yourself off processed energy foods and drinks and onto real food for fuel will benefit your digestion, your hormones, metabolism, overall health and performance. Having healthy gut bacteria is crucial to maintaining a normal weight, functional metabolism and keeping you running STRONG while feeling at your best. Whether you want to deal with digestive issues, low immunity, or simply get yourself in the best possible shape to run faster and stronger, show your microbes some LOVE.

If you are running and running, gaining weight and you are nodding your head to any of these common reasons for weight gain in runners, you are not alone. The FREE training programs out there are NOT teaching you any of this stuff. Running alone, building mileage, counting calories and skipping on quality food will get you only minimal results and in reality,  80% of the time training this way leads to injury, weight gain, long term health issues and frustration.

Essentially you are a hormonal mess. If you want to learn more about hormones and running, here are 12 signs that yes, indeed you are a hormonal mess. READ HERE.

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