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"I have been an active person for most of my life and have been running for the past 5 years.  I feel empowered and in control when I commit to taking the time to work on me.  Carey has inspired me to train not only my body but my mind as well.  It is not about how fast and how far you can run but the path you choose to get there.  Running Moms has connected me with a community and a way of life that is doable with my busy schedule and has allowed me to find myself again.  I am the only one stopping myself from succeeding.  With support, guidance and encouragement, Running Moms has given me new hope, strength and a kick ass perspective on what life of a mom is all about. " - Belinda

"Even when you think you can't, just know that you can. I love being able to pace runners and motivate people to reach their goals. This group has given me the confidence to reach goals that I never dreamed possible. We are all in this together. We are all badass and we are all part of the tribe." - Andrea

"10k PB, shaved off 5 minutes! And my IT band didn't bother me like it did in my previous runs. Thanks, Carey!!!" - Christine

"I love the accountability of the Running Moms group and support from other moms who all face challenges. Their strength is inspirational and encouraging." - Lisa

"Why is this group is sooo amazing.... seriously, this group is keeping me accountable more than I have ever kept accountable before... also, I am so motivated and inspired to keep picking myself back up every time I have a bad day- it's THANKS so much to all of you badass running mamas!! AND- I am learning to love exercise /training and a healthy lifestyle overall for all the right reasons and not just for the sole purpose of losing weight... this was the case again and again until this group!" - Cindy

"This community is providing me with so much information, inspiration, and support. I love it." Deanna

"I don't know how I would of survived those early years trying to do it all. Thanks for been more than a run coach Carey Adam."

"Just wanted to thank Carey Adam for her wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and fitness in particular to running. I've been apart of the VIP group since September and it's been pretty awesome! Love the group of ladies who all share their success and struggles. I've had my struggles but the most important thing is I always lace up my runners and keep going! I've learned so much and love the group support. Next week is our last week of the 12 week program but I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying in the group and working towards achieving new goals! Worth every penny!!" - Laurie

"Did my 5 k run at the gym and felt a huge sense of accomplishment by completing it! It was a very slow steady run but I mentally prepared myself did it. Thanks to everybody for their support over the past 12 weeks and a huge thank you Carey for these programs and your guidance and motivation. I wouldn't be where I am today with my running if it wasn't for you." - Gina

"I'm not what people usually think of when they think of a runner. I wasn't a runner in high school or university. Since I've become a Mom, I've had to adjust my view of what "me time" looks like. Running has become my escape, especially during hard times. The VIP group and Carey's coaching has provided me with so much support and the structure I lacked when trying to motivate myself to run on my own. Now I've completed a half marathon and find myself fitting a run in before 6 am! I'm unlikely to ever win a race but that's fine. I'm happy and healthy and strong! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be so excited to post sweaty selfies but I've loved it. Thank you to all of you for supporting me through what has been the hardest 3 months of my life. If it weren't for this running group, I honestly think I would be off on stress leave."  - Adrienne

"I had off and on tendonitis of the IT band. Up until your program, I had flare ups over the years. I think you have provided the perfect program to help keep my knee injury free. The amount of running, quality of workouts, the strength training, and stretching/foam rolling have been the perfect balance. I do think the biggest difference has been the strength training. Thanks Carey!" - Megan

"Loved the workout today..... as a new mom I sometimes feel like I put myself last, sometimes completely forget all about me, losing myself in the daily tasks .... but thanks to Carey Adam and all you running mamas who cheer each other on I get my workouts done and for those few min/hours I feel like myself again." - Eva

"I just wanted to say thanks for adding me to your group...I am getting so much out of it. I know it is important to take care of me. So thanks for all your motivation...ever since I started following you I have had more desire to move....so you are doing it...congrats....love you!!!!!" - Sadie

"Carey, Your training programs have gotten me so far and I have the confidence now to know that any pace, time, distance is achievable! I'm stronger, healthier than ever and love it. Your programs and awesome groups are a part of my daily life now and I have met so many amazing people through them. The support is incredible!!"- Kari

"It was awesome being apart of this group and just knowing we all have challenges and we are not alone with our struggles. The accountability was awesome and made me try harder. Thank you" - Nardria

"25 min run then 15 min walk with hand weights....I have to say...this moving thing is becoming routine and helping me feel pretty f-ing awesome!!! I am on week 6 after not really moving much for almost 3 years!!!! bye bye old Bekah...hello healthy Bekah!!!! I am feeling very grateful today!!!!" - Bekah

"Thanks to this running moms group, I have lost 15 lbs so far because of the motivation, tips and training ideas from this group. I have about 30 lbs to go but I still feel good."

"I am thankful for my family, friends, and my runningmoms group - this is the longest time I have been running consistently AND I have discovered the zen of running in the morning. Happy Thanksgiving!"

"Took 2:42 off my PR 5k time today. Still super excited and wanted to share. I'm still not fast (30:02) but sure is an improvement over this past May (32:44)."

"This group has been so awesome! It really has been so motivating and inspirational to see everyone's posts and hear about your runs, the good and not so good. I know that personally I needed you ladies to help push me to my goal and hold me "virtually" accountable. I was able to get out of my comfort zone and become my own "better, faster, stronger". You ladies are AWESOME!! Thank you Carey Adam, you are truly inspirational! I can't wait for my next program!”

"Mom of 3 kids 10 year old boy and two girls 7 and 4. Started running with Carey's spring training moms in order to get myself ready for the soccer season as it had been a while since I had played and I wanted to be in shape.. Well that was over 6 months and 30 pounds ago and I ran my first race a 10 this summer and am training to run the WFPS half in just over a month and am going to be acting indoor soccer after the outdoor season ends next week.”

"Thx Carey Adam! Im blown away with how different I already feel in just three short weeks! That alone is a huge motivator to keep pushing. Your program has really taught me quality over quantity and the support of the group and of course my awesome boys has been truly inspiring!”

"I am not new to this group. I've been part of it for about a year now and I just want to say I started with a c25k. moved up to a 10K and completed 3 1/2 marathons in the last year I've met some incredible women running partners and accomplished many many goals over the last year including winter running(brrr) thanks for all the support.”

"This group has been a huge bright spot in my life during some very stressful months. Life is always full of ups and downs but the world keeps turning regardless lol. I'm so grateful for all the inspiration, motivation and encouragement from this group, most especially Carey Adam!!!"

"Thanks for this group. It has inspired me to be more flexible and fit work outs in, even if you have a small window. Thank you Carey Adam!"

"May I be the first to congratulate Carey Adam on 1,000 likes for her page so Far. What I love about your page, Carey, is not only the solid (read: credential and experience backed!) advice and motivation, but the liaisons you've made with nutritionists, pelvic floor specialists, etc. to ensure that your community has access to some really cool and smart people. Looking forward to seeing Running Moms progress!"

"7K baby!!! Maintained my pace, no mental breaks, the last 2 kms were the best! Felt awesome! I honestly can say that without this group I probably would have stayed with my status quo runs. So thank you!! "

"I'm feeling really good and a lot stronger! Since getting this program from you late last year I've started it twice but never being able to get past week 3 for whatever reason. So I'm thrilled to be in week 4 and love having this group for inspiration!"

Ahhh workout complete! Tonight was 2min hard 8:30 min/mile followed by 2min easy at 10:40 min/mile, repeat for 6km. And finished off with 1 round of this week's HIIT. I have to admit this has been the most challenging week of training I can remember. I have pushed my paces and my body harder than I have before. I realize my goal is 10km in 55 min, but it just hit me that whether I reach that exact goal at the end of this program is irrelevant to me. Sure I'd like to get there but if I don't it's okay. In just six weeks I've pushed boundaries, achieved personal bests and am running better, stronger and injury free ( knock on wood) and THAT to me is my success. Enjoy every success ladies, no matter how big or small!! PS...tomorrow is a rest day!"

"Carey Adam you have been so inspirational to all of us and I love that you share your good days, and not so good ones. You help make training "real", if that make any sense. It's funny because my husband said the same thing to me " why do you do this shit to your body". I have nothing else to say other than "because I can". Thank you for your support and we will be there with you this weekend while you kill your 18km run...!!"

"This week is proving to be a record breaker! Almost 20 seconds faster than a couple days ago. Tonight was my tempo run so I did a little extra pushing. I think I figured out why I'm killing it these past couple runs Carey...because I'm following a super awesome running program and maybe just maybe I'm getting stronger! Thanks for your encouragement runner peeps!!"

"When I seen your post for the 28 Day Challenge Faster and Stronger I was so excited! Your programs are amazing, your workouts are short and intense, for any fitness level, and no matter how busy life gets they always fit in! The online support is amazing, your never alone. We are all mom's struggling with the same day to day stresses and juggling act of home, work, and kids! Carey gets it, she living it too, I'm generally the grandma of the group, lol, but the daily struggle is still very real, it just changes from toddlers to teens! I have tried several different groups and bootcamps, but they don't have the same fleixibilty as Carey's groups, workout when you can, morning noon or night! And check in on Facebook, the support and help you find within the group is amazing, and private! My fitness journey has been a long slow struggle, but since joining Carey's Running Moms I feel stronger and more committed than I have in years, heres to a PR in fall! Kuddos to you Carey!"

"Just have to say it's awesome to have the support and this is the longest I have stuck with a program. Signed up for my first 10k and the mud run this summer as well!!!

"Thank you so much Carey Adam and all you ladies for such a great program, feedback, and encouragement! I feel stronger and I know I got faster. I am in a great rhythm of exercise and I know I can continue this great healthy habit. Thank you!!!!!!"

"Wow! Is last week!!? You ladies are such awesome mamas!! I learned new things and also learned about myself new things."

"I'm sad that we're already done. Thank-you ladies for all the encouragement & positivity and to Carey for the program and to bringing us together. You're all aces!"

"Huge thank you to Carey Adam and all you awesome ladies! I really enjoyed spending the last 28 days with you all and challenging ourselves to being our own "better, faster, stronger". I know I can definitely feel the benefit of this challenge and I look forward to seeing you all again in future programs!! WE KICKED ASS!! "

"Since I took yesterday as my rest day, I did the last HIIT in the program. It's a great one! Thank you so much Carey Adam and all you ladies for such a great program, feedback, and encouragement! I feel stronger and I know I got faster. I am in a great rhythm of exercise and I know I can continue this great healthy habit. Thank you!!!"

"Shout out to all of you !!! It's been a blast. Thanks for making me stronger than before - thanks for making me feel like I CAN accomplish what I set out to do and just feel better in general. Gonna tackle a few things on my must do list this summer because I feel like I can now!!! Good luck to all those running tomorrow - you are all rock stars" - Nancy

"You're right Colleen, the programs Carey Adam makes are awesome! After never running in my life, i signed up for her 5K program on a whim. adter the first 8 weeks i ran 5K. i was so excited, i did it in just over 48 mins on the treadmil. After the 12 week program i completed the 5K at WPS in 33:23 which took 15 mins off my initial time. i cant be happier except that i just want to do it again and get s better time! Thanks Carey, please send me the sign up for the 10k, here goes nothing!!!"

"so I've been eating soooo much salad and doing tons of cardio, and getting the strength workouts in. I had to get gas this morning on the way to meet a friend with my road bike. (we biked for 1 1/2 hours.) the girl says "you look so fit" I actually heard fat at first and did a double take, she says "how do you stay so thin, after having my baby I can't get rid of the weight" I was so shocked I just said something about it will happen in time if you work at it and walked out with a stupid smirk on my face. "I look fit" when did that happen???" - Amanda

"These groups are so awesome for the community and accountability." - Leanne

"I have become more mindful of my eating. I've always known right and wrong, but daily reminders here have helped me make smarter choices.

"I have also learned to recognize just how much my mood is affected by exercise. I felt so freaking fantastic aft
er my run on Sunday. On Monday I did nothing because I needed to recover, and I felt near depressed all day." - Kelly

"I love the fact that I don't feel so alone in my struggles, I love the support and the tips. I feel like I do best with a plan or some structure to keep me on track. As part of this group I did get up and moving more and that was a great kick start. I working really hard on being ok with doing something for me and that is a biggie!! I need reminders that it is ok and that i need to take care of me in order to take care of everyone else. - Sadie

"One thing I've taken from the last few weeks that if I slip a few days that I don't have to completely give up. I've been focussing on exercise and know that I need to transform my eating habits. So I'm keen to take on a 12 week program. Something to help me keep thinking about my health from a positive place as opposed to the self-critical place I'm used to." - Sunjit

"The support and guidance from this group has made a huge difference in my behaviour and in my mindset. Seeing a simple post from someone who feels great after their workout often is the perfect push to get me moving. I often give up too quickly on new exercise or healthy eating and fall back into my old bad habits. Not this time! I have started feeling positive changes in my body already! That makes me so happy and that is also really motivating to keep going. I haven't let my bad days get me down, but rather just accept that it happens and start fresh the next day. " - Jana

"You're a health care professional with a ton of knowledge and experience backing you up, and you're helping the women who come in to these groups using so many different modalities than just throwing exercises at us. Most people I know in the service industry are seriously undercharging their worth because that's how this entire system is up, and you charge much less, than others who don't even begin to delve in to the areas you do, approaching wellness as a whole embodiment rather than cashing in on the latest craze...... You're the real deal Carey" - Sonia

"My form of running has changed (for the better obviously). I actually look forward to reading what you have educate us with. I actually look forwad to waking up THAT early in the morning to workout (whether itd be an easy run a HIIT or even a rest day). My mindset is changing from "I have to run because I have to lose weight." to "I love to run, I love to be fit and I am worth it." - Jennifer

"I brag about my running coach. There were two other ladies training for the same 10 km as me at work. They see me doing my HIITs and were surprised it was part of a running program. They said "you know there is an app that will train you". Well, one doesn't come anymore and the other is bored with her app workouts. The difference is you, Carey. This is so not about weight or time, but a lifestyle. You are worth more than we pay and I appreciate the accessible rates you charge because it's not a burden. I don't usually connect online with people in this way, and I feel like I've known all of you my whole life. VIP all the way!" - Kerri

"I'm not training for a race - I'm making a life change that includes running, HIIT which I still struggle making myself do, real food, learning and the phenomenal support group that has developed in this group. I don't feel alone and crazy in my mommy struggles and my need/want to be healthy and connected! Please VIP me and Carey, I found this group at a very low time in my life and I feel that your health care knowledge and support has brought me so far. I'm getting emotional just thinking about this support and training ending." - Elizabeth

"Thank you so much for all you do. I looked into a few coaches before I decided to work with you. I really loved what you had to offer. I am so glad I am working with you and this group. I have gained so much." - Filomena

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