Privacy Statement What do we do with your information?

Your First Login

The first time you login to our website, we store your Name, Email, and a link to your FaceBook profile.

During Site Usage

While using our site, you may choose to join various groups or mailing lists.  When you do, your Name and Email will be transmitted to and filed in our account with them.  They handle our email lists.  Note that you may opt-in or out of these groups and lists at any time.

Long Term

If you purchase any goods or services thru our site then your Name and Email will be held for 7 years or in accordance with Canadian record keeping laws.  However your credit card and financial information never touches our servers.  For information about that, please see the privacy policies on is our payment processor and is a separate company from us.

General Privacy

We only use or distribute your information as required to provide you with the desired services. (ie: joining motivational online groups and mailing lists)  We do not sell or re-distribute your information for any other purpose.


If, for some reason, law enforcement requests your information then we will comply with their request.

For our own protection as well as yours, we do not store financial information or credit cards.  We leave all that jazz to our payment processor: