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RunningMoms is a growing online community of women who run stong (or want to) and raise babies. It has surprised me how powerful this online community has become. As moms with full lives it is hard to get out and commit to something for ourselves. So we meet here!

Achieve Your Best Health and Happiness

  • We will empower you to believe you deserve this.
  • We will inspire you to look, feel and perform your best.
  • We will motivate & energize.
  • We will guide you through an realistic, common sense approach to getting fit and healthy.

Our programs provide real, at home workouts and plans that are achievable for you. I keep it simple and guide you through mindful, healthy, basic, daily habits that have the power to change your life in the long term.

The best part of the RunningMoms is that we all share our best tips, tricks, recipes, meal plans, success stories and programs that we all use ourselves in our homes and with our families. Most importantly, we give loads of love, support and accountability.

Start putting yourself first.