Diastasis Recti Video Series

Do You Have Diastasis Recti?

*Photo credit to bikinibodymommy.com

Diastasis Recti (DR) aka "Mommy Tummy", is a fairly common condition in post partum women. It is a condition not often talked about or recognized in the general fitness and mom community. Once you learn a bit about it, how it happens and how it manifests within your own body, you can start to address your issues.

Please don't be afraid of what you may find! Be empowered to seek professional guidance as needed, learn more about your postpartum body and what it is trying to tell you. Then either get moving safely or make changes to your workouts to get stronger safely. It can be done and needs to be done because running is an amazing physical activity that you want to do safely.

DR is a condition where the connective tissue on your abdomen (belly) becomes stretched, loosened and separates at your midline. This is a great article to explain it. Please have a read. Unfortunately, most moms don't even know they have DR or think it is just a part of pregnancy/motherhood that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. The good news is that they are wrong and there are ways to work at correcting it. We will get you started here in this program.

I have put together a set of 4 videos on DR. Please watch them in order. They are the basics. I strongly encourage you to seek professioanl one on one advice if you are symptomatic, concerned or needing more directed guidance about your own body. I am only able to give you some basic information here with the expectation that you will take it and get any further personal advice at your own discretion. 

Video Series

Video 1 - Here you will get the basics on what DR is, what signs and symptoms to look for and how to test yourself. Watch Now

Video 2 - If you have DR or have any of the signs or symptoms of DR (or any core weakness at all) this video will teach you the very first exercise you should be doing. Learn how to reconnect with your Transversus Abdominus muscle through your breath. Watch Now.

Video 3 - Watch this to learn what exercises you should be avoiding - specific to DR and to all moms in general. Hint - crunches and planks... I will also teach you how to safely do The Bridge exercise to get you re-connected with your core safely. Watch Now

Video 4 - Lastly, a great safe exercise for you so I do not leave you thinking there is absolutely nothing you can do. Watch Now

As a passionate RunningMom, it seems totally unfair that moms have to work so hard to get our strength back after kids. It seems totally unfair that running is now so hard on our body and we have to change our training plans so much from those who do not have kids. But it is the reality.

And everyone is running. Running is far to powerful of a physical and emotional physical activity for the health of our bodies, minds and souls. I know many moms who start running after babies as a great form of stress relief, for health, for sanity and for weight loss. If you were a runner before baby, the reality is you are not going to stop now. I understand that completey becuase I refuse to stop!   My intention here is to appreciate that, respect that and make you more aware of your body. I want to teach you how to strengthen it appropriately, when to seek further medical advice and how to be smarter about your training.

All RunningMoms.com programs from this point in time are going to be "Mummy Tummy" friendly. I am proud to be listenting to my mamma's concerns out there and improving the quality of all my running and workout programs to reflect the unique needs of all moms post baby (even when you really may not want to hear it!).