Strength Training for Runners

Get Fit, Run Fast and Set Your Body Up To BURN FAT!!!

If you want to get get fit, run fast and set yoru body up to burn fat, lose weight and becoe injury proof, forget running long, slow and steady or training for a marathon right now. Start to build strength with a focus on good form, alignment and consistency. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an effective form of strength training designed to build full body runner strength, burn calories, rev metabolism and shed fat. This is a sure fire way to hit your goals and reduce your risk of injury and frustration. Running and running and running is just not the answer.

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HIIT workouts designed specifically for runners are short, intense and they will push your body into the zone to build lean muscle, create an after burn metabolic boost for up to 48 hours after you workout (that means you will burn more calories at rest, yeah!!) without leaving you injured, frustrated you can't fit in your lng run or exhausted. By focusing on strength for a training cycle or two, you will quickly build a strong fitness base consisting of core power, muscular strength, stamina, speed and endurance. All good things.

And the best thing about them is that they take less than 30 minutes, require no fancy equipment and you can do them anywhere. Perfect for a busy mamma like you!!!

I want you to feel lighter on your feet. I want you exploding with energy, with confidence and fitting into your clothes comfortably. Yes running is an awesome choice for impriving yrou physical and emotional health but without strength, running will most likely leave your injured, frustrating and even gaining weight.  By adding in Runner Specific HIIT workouts, you have an effective way to drop fat fast, and get up and running strong and injury free.

Push yourself to get STRONG before you start running long, skyrocket your fitness and transfrom your body composition.

What is High Intensity Interval Training for Runners?

HIIT workouts are brief bouts at near-maximum exertion (80% of your max workout) interspersed with periods of lower-intensity activity or rest during. They can be cardio sessions like sprints or hill training or full body exercises. They usually incorporate more than one muscle group so you are maximizing the time you are putting in the work. The intensity combined with the many muscles you engage cause your body to burn more calories and fat (especially after your workout).

Many professionals in the fitness industry believe that this method of training is more effective at inducing fat loss than simply training at a moderate intensity level for the same duration. Compared with traditional long, low intensity forms of exercise, like running and walking, high intensity training has been shown to not only be easier to commit to, but have better and longer lasting fitness and health results. Steady state cardio doesn't push your body into that fat burning mode the way HIIT training does. 20 minutes of HIIT training is more effective than a 60 minute run if fat loss, strength and speed are your goals.

Benefit's of HIIT for Runner's

Short, high intensity workouts offer a powerful and time effective way to improve whole body fitness, muscle strength, and body composition (better known as being ‘lean and toned’) all which improve your running. The Benefits of HIIT are:

  • You train your WHOLE BODY in every workout, which means every muscle in your body is burning energy, while you build an all over, even and balanced body shape.
  • Time Efficient:  HIIT training is WAY more time efficient, which, when you are a busy mom. Less time is needed to train which is key for fitting training into your daily schedule and for your long-term success.
  • Faster Gains:  HIIT equals more density and volume per session usually means faster gains all round, whether this is greater fat loss, strength gains or toning up.
  • Boosts Metabolism: As well as increasing your fat burning potential during exercise, high intensity training boosts your metabolism in the hours AFTER your training.(5) With this significant boost in your body’s ability to burn energy, you will be increasing your fat burning potential during your regular day to day activities.
  • Increased Training Frequency:  HIIT allows you to hit each muscle more often per week, rather than following a slow run only program that never pushes for any strength gains.
  • Increased Fat Burn: Not only does HIIT cause greater fat burning within the session but also for 48 HOURS AFTER, which plays a key part of rapid fat loss.  With this significant boost in your body’s ability to burn energy, you will be increasing your fat burning potential during your regular day to day activities.
  • You will burn FAT:  Basiclly, this type of exercise helps you use more of the calories / food you eat for fuel within the muscle, rather than storing it as FAT!
  • Improved Fitness: HIIT workouts are multi joint, functional and involve many muscle groups working together which provides a ton of health, fat loss, fitness and performance benefits.
  • Sustained Motivation: Workouts are short, sharp, and varied, making it easier to stay motivated and put in 100% effort during your entire workout. Because you are more likely to train harder, the time you put into your workouts becomes way more effective, and this gives you significant improvements in your fitness results. No more getting bored, fatigued and ‘over it’.
  • Decrease Injury Risk / Joint Issues: With this type of training you are less likely to get injured and sick, especially overtraining or injuries resulting in lack of attention or focus and logging too many miles your body just can't handle. Workouts are less than 30 minutes only giving your muscles a small dose of effective training stimulus, followed by recovery time for your body and mind to reset. You are going to improve your running form and decrease the impact on your joints as you get strong and better equipped to support your bodies needs as you get up and running longer distances. No more overtraining!
  • It Allows Dietary Freedom (Eat more of what you LOVE): No calorie counting or starvation diets here. By using these workouts you can crank your metabolism into “turbo” mode and burn double the amount of calories when compared to a typical session. You will get hungry and you need to eat when you are training like this. Regardless of who you are, if you love food, this lets you eat a lot more of it. You do have to make those calories count though. The 28 Day Get Fit, Lean and Learn to Run Strong Program for Runners has the Real Food Recipe Guide you are going to need to satisfy your cravings!!!

It is entrirely possible to turn your body into a real fat burning machine but you have to get STRONG, not just run long. Adding HIIT style workouts into your training plan will truly change your running, your body compositon and your energy levels taking you to the next level in your fitness. I know that if you train using these workouts you will set yourself up for getting fit, lean and running strong and long. You will TRANSFORM your physique, get results and seriously feel amazing.

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XO - Carey

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