Running Transformations To Inspire You

Running Transformations Worth Sharing

There are so many reasons to run from emotional health to physical health to weight loss. Becoming a strong runner inside and out is an amzing feeling. Have you joined the FREE 12 Days of Wellness For Runners yet? It's 12 days, of my top 12 running tips to get you fit, fast, burning fat and injury proof. Join the FREE 12 Days of Wellness For Runners here. The next challenge starts Monday.

Here are a 10 transformational blogs and stories I think you may like about how running helped women shed weight and change their lives. From weight loss, to stress management to pushing for epic adventures, check these out:

  1.  "I feel a million miles from where I started my journey when I found myself crippled by post-natal depression and anxiety four years ago. I was morbidly obese and the prospect of a half marathon was laughable. My self -confidence had really plummeted as I transitioned into only wearing plus size clothing and my need to compensate for my emotions by consuming crappy food became a vicious cycle akin to a self-fulfilling prophecy. I felt like crap, so I ate like it and the more I ate like it the worse I felt. To my credit though I refused to remain my own victim in a cycle many people get stuck in. And so before long running became a saviour and I was embarking on a journey that was about so much more than simply weight loss.". READ MORE HERE
  2. "I was 197 pounds and on a mission to save my life while sharing my knowledge. I took up running and I sucked. I was slow, everything jiggled, my lungs burned, but I grew to love it very quickly. It got easier, I got faster, and very soon I was running my first 5K followed quickly by my first obstacle race. My body started changing and I felt stronger than ever. That was it. I was officially in love with running. Happy, sad, angry, even in the rain and snow. When I run, I am free." READ MORE HERE
  3. "Running prompted a complete career change for me into health and wellbeing when I took redundancy from a job and part-used the money to sign up to run a multi day ultra race for my 40th (156 miles in the Sahara) so that 2 years later I quit the day job and retrained. I didn't enjoy running at school, but now compete in anything from cross country (5km) to 34 miles. Am also 16lb lighter from when I worked in my sedentary office job and a leader in running fitness with England Athletics, so take out groups with my local running club. I find the longer distance running very meditative". READ MORE HERE
  4. "That's why I run—not to care about my pace or how many calories I'm burning, but to just hit the trail over and over again, one foot after another, and enjoy the process.”  READ MORE HERE
  5. "I'm well aware that maintaining this weight loss and an active, healthy lifestyle is a daily commitment. I know that my journey is lifelong."  READ  MORE HERE
  6. "Running races has been one of my biggest rewards. I've done marathons, half marathons, and a few triathlons. It's been such an amazing way to show myself what I'm capable of. I learned I can be really disciplined and stick with the training, and it's also helped me stay motivated to stay in shape. Training is not easy, but it's worth it." READ MORE HERE
  7. "Crushing a few miles, especially if you're new to the running game, requires endurance, mental toughness, and a lot of sweat. But that intensity is why so many women, like these ladies, have fallen in love with the sport and lost a ton of weight in the process." READ MORE HERE
  8. "Finding the motivation to start was – and still is – the hardest part. But I always think of the feeling afterwards. It’s awesome! Pride, happiness, relief and knowing that I’m one step closer to my goal. This kept me going every day." READ MORE HERE
  9. "When we first started with running intervals of 3-4 minutes, I could not believe how hard it was. And yet, something amazing started to happen. Every week I could feel my legs and my lungs getting stronger. I could FEEL the progress. It was crazy to appreciate my body and what it could do in a completely new way."  READ MORE HERE
  10. "Ever since I was a child I was always on the heavy side, I wasn't athletic & I vividly remember that dreaded day in gym class that we'd run the mile. As time went on my weight held me back from doing a lot of things I wish I could do, after getting married & having my 2 little girls I found myself weighing my heaviest at over 240lbs. I knew something had to change, my girls deserved better than having a mom sitting on the couch while they played."  READ MORE HERE

Need more inspiration to learn to run STRONG and hange your life? Here are 10 more awesome stories of massive and epic tranfmoration. READ THEM HERE

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