Change Your Life, Become a Runner

One Mamma's Transformational Story

I love stories of how women changed their life becuase they decided to become a runner. Here is a powerful story of one mamma who not only shed some uncomfortable weight but found herself again in the process.

"Ever since I was a child I was always on the heavy side, I wasn't athletic & I vividly remember that dreaded day in gym class that we'd run the mile. As time went on my weight held me back from doing a lot of things I wish I could do, after getting married & having my 2 little girls I found myself weighing my heaviest at over 240lbs. I knew something had to change, my girls deserved better than having a mom sitting on the couch while they played.

3 years ago I joined the gym & changed my eating habits, I began trying to run & couldn't even make it around the gym building once without multiple stops. I turned my frustration into determination & just kept pushing forward. As time went on running became easier, & became a part of my daily routine. As a busy mom running gives me "me time" & provides the ability to destress & re energize my body. For me, running is my morning cup of coffee, I'm much happier after I've had one.

I currently find myself starting everyday with a run, I have fell in love with obstacle course racing, weight lifting, run half marathons on the weekends and completed my first full marathon in October. I have found that staying active has provided a whole new world of opportunity & adventure. I'm so thankful our family now spends the weekends hiking & exploring instead of sitting on the couch."

"Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't"

Amazing Heather!!! A huge virtual hug and high five to you!!!

I LOVE stories like these!!! Running truly does change lives and it's fun.

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XO - Carey