5 Tips to Getting Fit, Running Fast & Burning Fat


Running alone following the free training plan will not set you up to burn fat or build lean, calorie burning muscle. Simply running more and more will not get you fit, faster or stronger. So, here are 5 tips that WILL help you burn fat and build muscle as a runner so you can develop a lean, toned, fit look while boosting your speed, performance and reducing your injury risk all at the same time.

1) Engage in the Right Workouts.

Running and running the same pace and just ramping up distance, will not push your body to build lean muscle. While you will likely see some initial weight loss but weight loss alone will not give you a fit, lean look nor help you run fit, fast and strong. During that initial weight loss you will also be losing some very important fat burning muscle and slowing down your metabolism for the long run. In order to rev your metabolism, burn fat and build muscle to run fast and get that lean look, you need to perform workouts that stimulate lean muscle building. As a runner, this means that you need to be incorporating strategic strength, speed and core power workouts into your training program on the weekly to progressively overload your muscles setting them up to grow. When muscles are being overloaded they burn more calories during the workout and they will burn significantly more calories for up to 48 hours after your workout has finished. This kind of muscle building will help you rev metabolism, get fit, lean, fast and strong. To do this effectively you need a strategic runner focused workout plan and your diet must be dialed in. We do both in the RunningMoms Online Training Club.

2) Eat the Right Macros, At the Right Time and For the Right Reasons.

You can't run off a bad diet. Ever. Getting your macros right is KEY. Macro's is short for macronutrients: carbs, fat and protein. In order to build lean muscle while burning fat to get lean, you need to understand how to eat them. Eating the right macro's, at the right times will help your body balance your blood sugars, curb sugar cravings, maintain your energy levels and it will save you from grazing on hundreds of empty calories through out the day. Eating your macros in the right balance will keep your fat burning hormones in fat burning mode all day. Eating your macros fo the right reasons will get you using food as fuel for your workouts and nourishing your body with what it needs to power up your workouts and maximize your recovery.  I train the runners in The Academy to eat based on their macros but we don't count, weigh, measure or obsess over everything we eat. This approach to nutrition does not have to be overwhelming and it is an important component to building lean muscle, burning fat and and running strong. It cannot be skipped.

3) Focus on Recovery.

To get results requires a balance between stress and recovery. Runners all too often place a great deal of importance on training but pay far less attention to recovery. This leads to over training, reduced performance, hormonal imbalance, weight gain and injury. Stress includes training frequency, intensity and volume but also work stress, family stress, emotional stress, mental health, lack of sleep and poor dietary choices. If the stress and recovery are sufficient you will improve performance, fitness and fat loss. However, if the stress is too high or the recovery is insufficient you may see impairment in performance and you may struggle to make any shifts in your body composition despite grinding out workouts and eating clean. Often neglected and yet simple tactics like rest days, improving sleep, practicing self care and strategic nutrition strategies can have a really positive impact on your training results. Recovery done right will get your hormones back into balance and will significantly reduce injuries, boost energy, improve performance and facilitate both muscle building and fat loss.

4) Maintain the Right Mindset

Building lean muscle, burning fat and running fit, faster and stronger takes time. Prepare for obstacles, expect them. Stay focused on the 24 hours ahead of you, what you need to do to reach your goals and forget the mistakes of yesterday. Throw away the scale, focus on your effort, stay positive, hold your tribe close for support through the really hard days and celebrate all the small wins and non-scale victories like your clothes fitting better, loving that reflection in the mirror, having more energy, feeling your sexy coming back, less bloating and an over all feeling of being a BadAsss Mother Runner (because all those things happen when you commit to training with me in the RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy). Maintaining the right mindset and having a community to support you can really be the missing piece to your success when diet and exercise alone just aren't working.

4) Find Your Tribe and Hold Them Close

Studies show that people who enlisted the social support of 3 or more people experienced 176% greater long term success with their exercise and nutrition program than those who tried to do it on their own. The bottom line is if you want to achieve significant health, fitness and fat loss goals, you have to seek out and surround yourself with support. You have to show up, share and go after what you want. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so seek out a tribe of people with the same goals, likes, interests and desires as you. Become part of a likeminded tribe that will hold you accountable, be there to pick you up when you fall off the wagon and cheer you on when you succeed.

If you are a female runner who wants to get fit, run fast and unapologetically build a strong, powerful, fat burning body that you can feel comfortable, confident and amazing in, you need to incorporate each and every one of these 5 strategies into your training program.

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XO - Carey

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