5 Secrets to Running STRONG, BADASS and for FAT LOSS

Train Like You Want To Kick Some Ass

If you truly want to get lean, fit and shed fat as a runner, you have to move past the obsession with long, slow, steady state cardio and begin to consistently incorporate my teh following 5 secrets into your training program. Doing so is critical to train your body to run strong, remain injury free, burn fat and get real and long lasting changes to your overall body composition.

I share these with you becuase they worked for me after I ran and ran and ran myself to exhaustion, hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue and eventually a knee injury that took me out for 8 months of misery. If these strategies worked for me, I can know they will work for you too. Here they are:

  1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - HIIT is a powerful and time effective way to improve whole body fat loss, turbo boost overall fitness, increase tone and lean muscle mass, improve cardio fitness, boost metabolism and increase alertness and energy after your trainign session. HIIT training is required if you want to kickstart fat loss as a runner. Adding these strategic bodyweight and interval speed workouts to your run program at any level is an effective way to transform your body composition much faster than steady state cardio day after day. I have incorporated HIIT workouts both strength adn speed work into every 5k, 10k and 21k training plan given to you in The RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy. You will be working for shorter periods of time, to a slightly higher level of intensity. This means your workouts take less time to do, but you get fitter much faster.
  2. Eat Real Food and Eat Alot Of It - Stop drinking diet coke, low cal snacks, grazing carbs all day and skipping meals. When you are training hard to get lean muscle and body composition change you must be eating enough of the right foods loaded with nutrients to ensure that your body has enough energy and fuel for the day. I recommend my runners focus on eating real food 80% of the time. Yes, calories matter, but even more so, focusing on the quality of your caloric intake and truly understaning macro nutrition will make more of a difference in your fat loss efforts than counting calories alone or dieting. We have become so conditioned to count calories, while most of us have not been taught to be aware of macro nutrients, blood sugars or how our hormones affect our fat storage and burning abilities. I coach my runners to understand real food and macro nutrition which includes carbs for quick energy, proteins to build and repair lean muscle and fats for flavor, feeling full longer, brain function, hormone balance, cardiovascular strength, lean muscle building, reducing internal inflammation and helping your body boost metabolism and burn fat. Dieting, eliminating entire macronutrient groups or skipping meals to save calories paired with more exercise is sabotagging all your fat loss efforts and will leave you feeling exhausted, sugar craving, late night binging, having difficulty sleeping or trouble falling asleep, experiencing mood swings, struggling through your workouts and holding onto fat.  If you are wanting to get up and running or training strong to shed fat and push paces, eating really good food and eating alot of it becomes a very important part of the program.
  3. Get Some Sleep - Sleep is when your body rests, recovers and builds muscle. It is absolutely a key part of your training program and needs some respect. The amount of sleep you need can vary from 6 - 8 hours. If you have babies I now how helpless you feel in this area but just respect and appreciate sleep. A lack of sleep places adverse affects on your hormones making your body actually hold onto fat and resulting in weight gain, crankiness, impatience, low energy and a lack of focus and will power when it comes to food and motivation to exercise. A lack of sleep also negatively impacts your immune system, setting you up for illness. All of these things will keep you from shedding fat. Get some sleep or at least enjoy yoru rest days. You should NOT be running long and slow and pushing hard every day. Save yor energy and push on your training days.
  4. Plan and Prepare - "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." This extends from what you are going to eat for the week, to what you are going to be snacking on, to the exact  workouts you are going to be doing, to exactly when you are going to get them done. The more structure you can create to your meals, snacks, workouts and life in general, the more success you will have in your training program to get you up, running strong and shedding fat. Strong, fit and lean runners did not get that way by accident. They plan and prep and follow the program. It is not glamorous but it must be done.
  5. You Must Be Consistent in Your Efforts and Have Patience - Consistency is the NUMBER ONE factor in long-term fat loss, fitness, muscle growth and running performance. Even if you have the world’s best plan, it won’t help you maximize your results if you keep stop / starting. In fact, an “average” plan that is consistent will be SUPERIOR to the world’s best plan that you only perform half of the time. You must be patient and put the work in day after day, week after week and month after month becuase real results do not come easy or quickly. When you have a bad day or week or the kids get sick, instead of focusing on what you missed, being hard on yourself and quitting, put your shoes back on and keep going. Instead of focusing on how far you have to go to reach your goals, focus on how far you have already come. Celebrate each and every small success and stay focused on why you even started in the first place.

BONUS TIP: You must work on your inner mindset. You must deeply understand WHY you wnat to be a BADASS, exactly how that will feel, exactly how it will impact your life. It has to be so clear in yoru mind that you jump out of bed each and every day to do the work. You must create the habits of high performers so you can push through hard days, stressful times and LOVE your training so much you rarely give in to emotional eating, stress weeks and you never quit. Over all, you know HOW to run with a few tweaks to your stregnth training and nutrition but you have to work on how you THINK to bring your PEAK PERFORMANCE to every workout, every time. Hit each workout, each meal, each night of sleep, each Sunday of food prep like a BOSS and feeling like a BadAss and you will get results.

Shedding fat and becoming a fit, lean and STRONG BADASS runner who looks like she can KICK SOME ASS takes work, effort and time. It is not easy but getting a good plan and focusing on these 5 strategies will help you shed fat and run strong. Personally, I am always in training with a detailed plan that includes each and every workout designed and ready for me with purpose, structure and progressions to keep me on track to hitting my goals. Some days I run easy, some days I push my body weight HIIT session and other days I do intense speed burst interval training. Most of my workouts take less than 30 minutes and are ultra effective for building lean muscle, shedding fat and boosting my performance as a runner. My meals and snacks are planned and prepped every Sunday and Wednesday and my kitchen is stocked with only the food that is helping me achieve my goals. I use essential oils and have sleep routines to help me maximize my sleep, rest and reccovery. My TOP secret to success is consistency. I am always in training and I never go more than 2 days without a workout of some kind. Period. I have done the mindset work and I am mentally very strong.

  • Do you want to run STRONG, burn calories and shed fat as a result of your run training program?
  • Have you hit a running or weight loss plateau in your current training program and looking for a challenge?
  • Do you want to run get really freaking FIT? 

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XO - Carey