12 Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

What Mother Runner's Need to Know

Understanding your hormones and when they are a mess is key to running STRONG. I am seeing these signs in runners everywhere over and over again. Women are emailing me from all over saying "YES. This is me. HELP!!!!". These symptoms of hormone imbalance as a mother runner are common but certainly not normal, yet we seem to have accepted feeling this way as a new normal of motherhood as a runner. I had ALL of them a few years back!

Wondering if hormone imbalance is an issue for you? Here are 12 of tell-tale signs to consider (but signs are not limited to just these):

  1. Sleep Issues: You may be having trouble falling asleep or staying sleep, or maybe you are having both problems. You may find your mind racing with your "to-do" list or worrying about something else (namely between 2 - 4 am).
  2. Digestive Problems: Issues include heartburn, poor protein digestion, loose stool, excessive gas, bloating, gas pain and even constipation and other intestinal issues.
  3.  Cravings: Intense craving of both salty and sweet treats that will power is just no match for. This leads to binge eating and energy spiking and crashing.
  4.  Weight Issues: Despite running or working out, you just can't lose weight, espeically stubborn belly fat around the middle area and around the thighs. You may even be gaining weight.
  5.  Lack of Libido: No sex drive is a real strain on your relationship.
  6.  Anxiety and Depression: And an inability to manage your emotions and stress. Leading to more anxiety and depression.
  7.  Fatigue: Difficulty getting up in the morning and high levels of fatigue all day. Often this leads to an over use of stimiulants like caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes.
  8.  Headaches and Migraines
  9.  A Suppressed Immune System: you find yourself getting sick over and over again or potentially injured over and over again.
  10.  Skin Issues: Adult acne and other skin issues are signs that systems in the body are not working as they should be and can be under the influence of several hormones that are not balanced.
  11.  Reproductive Issues: This can be any symptom that is associated with your cycle, menopausal symptoms or diagnosed reproductive issues such as fibroids or endometriosis. When reproductive issues are present, hormonal issues are quite severe and involve several systems in the body.
  12. Running is heavy, hard, slow or you are just really struggling with the motivation to even get started.

I see these signs over and over again in my runners. Running feels good during the run. In fact, it is often the best you feel all day, so you run, run lots and are desperate for more of it but too much of it only leaves you even more hormonally unbalanced and energy depleted. Of course there will always be some discomfort with training but when you approach yoru training with the right macro nutrition strategies, the right workouts, the right  mindset and the right hormone rebalncing strategies, you should also feel really great and you will kickstart your body into a higher energy, fat burning state that lasts the day.

This all can lead to serious ADRENAL FATIGUE and misery!

You cannot fix any of these hormone imbalance issues, shed fat, curb cravings or run strong by simply running more and eating more when your hormones are a mess. You can learn more about running, hormonal dysfunction and weight gain HERE.

It is tough as runner though right? You need to run. I get that and I will never ever tell you to stop running but I see these 12 signs over and over and over in female runners...so what can you do???

Hormonal health is at the core of my life changing program, The RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy. In this program I teach you how to combine simple and effective physical training to build lean muscle, macro nutriton strategies to balance blood sugars and recovery strategies to reduce stress hormones and toxic inflammation for a real running, body and life transformation. I have also brought in the experts to teach you about thyroid helath, adrenal health, gut health and nutrition for both weight loss and performance exclusively for FEMALE RUNNERS.

Sounds good right????

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XO - Carey

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