Change Your Life Become a Runner

Here Is One Mamma's Story

I love stories of how women changed their life becuase they learned to run. Here is one powerful story of one mamma who not only shed some uncomfortable weight but found herself again in the process.

“My name is Claire, I am 36 years old, the proud mother of two little girls and wife to my amazing husband.

As a child, and even through early adulthood, I was always thin. However, after a troubled first pregnancy that required hospitalization and lots of bed rest I had gained quite a bit of weight. It came off fairly easily but after enduring 22 months of fertility drugs for my second pregnancy I tipped the scales 247 pounds. I'm 5'1".

Seeing the pictures of myself made me sick to my stomach, I was so frustrated with my body and the way it was betraying me. I saw doctors and specialists and finally joined a gym where I met the most amazing personal trainer named Aliza. She helped me shed 30 pounds and taught me a lot about fitness and health, but you wanna know what really resonated with me? She showed me that even though I was flawed in my own eyes, I was beautiful and worthy in hers. Unfortunately Aliza left for maternity leave a while later and I hit a long plateau. Feeling defeated I decided to take a break from the gym scene and become exactly what I needed, a certified personal trainer. My course was 16 weeks long and I finished it with a 92% average and the feeling like I had the power to change the world... starting with me :)

I started my journey as a personal trainer in March 2011, and started a ladies Bootcamp program in July 2011. I was 197 pounds and on a mission to save my life while sharing my knowledge. I took up running and I sucked. I was slow, everything jiggled, my lungs burned, but I grew to love it very quickly. It got easier, I got faster, and very soon I was running my first 5K followed quickly by my first obstacle race- Warrior Dash, then Mud Hero, then Warrior Dash, then Mudmoiselle!

My body started changing and I felt stronger than ever. That was it. I was officially in love with running. Happy, sad, angry, even in the rain and snow. When I run, I am free.

I'm not going to sugar coat it though, getting healthy was HARD. My friends weren't always supportive and I often got left out of any outings that involved food. No dinner invites, no parties, no BBQ's. Not because of me but because THEY didn't know how to behave around me. When I did get invited I had to listen to things like "you brought a salad, seriously?!?"  "just eat it, one piece of cake wont kill you" and "my food eats your food”. I hid my sadness with a smile and trudged on knowing that one day they would see my success and it would all be worth it.

Sure enough, 2 years later I was happier, healthier, and 106 pounds lighter!

I try and run 3-5x a week anywhere from 5-15Km and am currently preparing for (my very first) island girl half marathon in September 2017 :)

I have slowly encouraged ladies from my Bootcamp program to try running and happy to say that some of them are hooked on running now too.

That's my story. It's long, I know.

Thank you for reading,
Claire Boone"


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XO - Carey