Meet Me Welcome to RunningMoms

Carey Adam

I am Carey Adam, Physiotherapist, Health Coach, mamma, runner and founder of RunningMoms. I am so excited you are here so I can share my running addiction and passion with you. I want to inspire you to start, empower you to change and to surround you with an awesome community of RunningMoms. My mission is to get women everywhere to simply put their shoes on, get out the door and feel the power of running on their body, mind and soul .

Being a mom is hard. I’ve been greatly humbled by all things motherhood, yet I have discovered strength deep within myself by letting go of the guilt over the all things I should be doing. I have learned to take the time I need to be my best through simply getting out for a daily run that is all about ME. This is what inspired me to start RunningMoms and help others to discover more within themselves. I have felt crazy and unbalanced, stress and fatigue beyond measure, anxiety, low energy, frustration, guilt and loneliness. I know you may be experiencing these same feelings during this time you have to be fosusing every ounce of energy on those litle people around you.

I know women, especially mothers, need support, guidance, coffee and a little bit of wine when the kids are finally asleep to find the time and space to get back to themselves, their purpose and their passion for life beyond just the kids. I will help you find what re-energizes you and how you can get more of that in your life to find energy, sanity and happiness.

My goal as your coach is to make you stronger: physically, mentally and emotionally. I know movement, strength, confidence and happiness comes when we do what we love and when we start with movement. I combine the physical aspects of running and strength training exercises with mindful awareness and basic wholesome nutrition. If you will ACCEPT NO EXCUSES – ONLY RESULTS, then I have a program for you. My goal is to keep the training filled with high energy, loads of positive reinforcement and a supportive community of awesome RunningMoms.

I believe that we all have the ability to free ourselves from barriers and old patterns so we can become limitless.

  • I want to empower and be inspired by others.
  • I am passionate about life.  Everyday.  Actually, our little family motto is "choose to be happy".
  • I am compassionate about supporting women, teaching our children the basics of nutrition and movement and about our natural environment.
  • I feel deeply rewarded by the effort made by mamma’s like yourself to transform your lives.

I have always been intrigued with the mind, body and spirit of life and I truly feel that I have found my purpose as I share my knowledge, experience and passion with you. This is not the traditional way to practice as a physiotherapist but I am excited and proud to be doing it this way.

Welcome, may you find what you are seeking and make the sustainable changes your body and mind desire. I am humbled you have chosen to work with me!