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RunningMoms is a growing online community of women who are learning to train STRONG, eat RIGHT and who are working everyday on becoming lean, sexy and CONFIDENT women from the inside out who are not afraid to work hard to create, cultivate and live an epic, extraordinary life by their design while they are raising babies...not in 10 years from now. If YOU want to join a kickass tribe of mother runners who are showing up for themselves, empowered and excited about life and all things running, healthy and happy, join the tribe and the conversation on getting truly healthy, happy and STRONG from the inside out. You will also receive the tools, support, and strategies you need to live your best life starting NOW.

Start putting yourself first.


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Join the 28 Day Challenge

Get Fit, Lean and Learn to Run

This is a true BEGINNER 4-week running coaching program specifically designed for those who feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I'll show you step by step how to ROCK your fitness, ROCK your body, and ROCK your life in just 28 days... using a REAL approach that gets results fast!

Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why You'll Love The Get Fit, Lean and Learn to Run 28 Day Challenge:

Quick and Easy Workouts: It's easy to fit this program designed for busy moms into your schedule. You'll love seeing results in the mirror with less than 30 minutes of exercise a day - whether you had your baby 6 months ago or 6 years ago!

Build Strength Fast: Learn the most up-to-date and effective exercises for postpartum women that will get you fit and strong inside and out!

Torch Stubborn Fat 24/7: Running long distances over long periods of time can actually cause your body to hold onto fat. Turn your body into a fat-burning machine and watch as your clothes start to fit better with short, intense running sessions I've planned out for you.

Strong Mind, Strong Body: You'll not only get fitter and stronger physically, but this program will also retrain your brain to give you the mental strength and confidence you need to handle every aspect of your life with ease!

The next program starts July 3rd and spots are filling up quickly.

Price $147




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FREEBIE: Get Fit, Lean and STRONG

3 FREE Fat Burning Workouts

I know you don't have much time. I know you want to get fit and strong so here are 3 quick and very effective HIIT sytle workouts. These are designed for you, a busy mom like me who just needs a good workout in a short amount of time! These 3 workouts can be done anywhere in less than 30 minutes and will help you get fit, lean and fast...finally!

Get your 3 FREE runner specific workouts here!




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RunningMoms Training Academy

Join The RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy!

Are you ready to get into training to run strong, get fit and train smart?


When you join the RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy, you get:

  • The 12 Video Lessons Course
  • Access to the 5k, 10k and 21k training program vault.
  •  Access to the Power Recipes for Runners Vault.
  •  Access to Monthly Nutrition and Mindset Challenges for Success.
  •  Weekly Training Workouts for Members Only
  •  Exclusive Access the RunningMoms Members ONLY Membership Site.
  •  12 Month Access to my Inner Circle and Private RunningMoms Wellness Training Academy Tribe
  • Access to the exclusive expert interview series

Let's keep you moving, pushing and running stronger. You will NEVER fall of the wagon with this program!

Are you in?

Running Moms - We are not training to be skinny, we are training to be BadAss

Sign up now thru Sunday and Save $150!!! GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE.


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