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RunningMoms is a growing online community of moms, or moms to be, who run, used to run or want to start running. It has surprised me how powerful this online community has become. As moms with full lives it is hard to get out and commit to something for ourselves. So we meet here!

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  • We will empower you to believe you deserve this.
  • We will inspire you to look, feel and perform your best.
  • We will motivate & energize.
  • We will guide you through an realistic, common sense approach to getting fit and healthy.

Our programs provide real, at home workouts and plans that are achievable for you. I keep it simple and guide you through mindful, healthy, basic, daily habits that have the power to change your life in the long term.

The best part of the RunningMoms is that we all share our best tips, tricks, recipes, meal plans, success stories and programs that we all use ourselves in our homes and with our families. Most importantly, we give loads of love, support and accountability.

Start putting yourself first.

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Faster & Stronger

Get Ready to Get FIT

Doing Only 30 Minute Workouts per Day!

Think you don't have time to FIT? I have created the perfect program for you! I want you to maximize and enjoy your training time because I know your time is limited yet you still want great results. YES, you can be in the best shape of your life doing short workouts, eating lot sof real, tasty and nutritcious food and still enjoying amazing summer treats and family time.

For years, I wasted time in the gym, running LONG runs each and every workout and "eating clean" without results. I would skip meals, recover on cholate milk, bagels, diet pepsi and coffee and never feel strong or get much faster. Out of necessity after bcoming a mom with little kids I started doing quick, runners specific, at home workouts that I could get done, sweaty and feel incredible in less than 30 minutes. I started learning about basic nutrition for performace. These smart workouts combined with real food nutrition and the support or other women like me, literally changed my wokout lifestyle, my body and my happiness.Thisi program will teach you how to do this and so you are able to fit your workouts in daily, love them and eat delicious food as you watch yourself continue to get faster, stronger and leaner day by day.

I am so confident in my updated and improved 28 Faster Stronger Challenge that I guarantee it’s the most effective use of your time and energy away from the kiddos to get you to your running and weight goals.

This 28 Day Summer Shred challenge is for you if:

  • you still believe running more and more will make you a faster, stronger, fitter runner
  • you need accountability and a targeted program to keep your focused and on track
  • you have been running consistently for 3 - 6 months
  • you feel like your training or speed has plateaued
  • are confused about what you need to be eating to optimize your strength and energy
  • you want to become a faster, stronger runner but do not know how
  • you want to get over your fitness and weight loss plateau
  • you are a bad ass Runner who wants to take on a challenge and push out of yoru comfort zone.
  • you want  2016 to be your best running year yet

BONUS: Good Form Running Series you must incorporate into your running for optimized faster, stronger.

BONUS: Simple 2 week Gluten and Dairy Free Running on Real Food for Runners Meal Plan to cut out the inflammation and have you energized for your workout and getting lean! So many runners "carb load" and under eat (and then binge eat everything in sight!)

BONUS: Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon Essential Oil Sample pack to enhance your running naturally!

OPTIONAL: You cannot possibly boost you performance on running alone and I know it is hard to be eating consistently well each and every meal. So to really boost your performance, your energy and your potential to bust through your weight loss and fitness plateau, get the DOTERRA Life Long Vitality Pack. This is power packed supplementation for the high performance mama needing an added energy adn nutrient packed boost.

So sign up now. You will get yourself a smart, progressive plan that will push you, whatever level you are at. I will provide you with 5 workouts per week that include at home runner specific HIIT workouts, interval workouts, speed drills, hill training sessions and fartlek workouts. I will give them to you in a plan that allows adequate rest and recovery for maximal strength gains. We will also focus on food habits, motivation and alcohol restriction for max benefits (if you choose to take that one on!).

Are you ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone, it is just 28 days???

This 28 day challenge is highly effective and is delivered 100% online for you to do on your own time. It has the potential to have a major impact on your speed and strength as a runner. This program will improve not only how you perform, but how much you enjoy running!

Get Fit. Get Strong. Get Lean. Get Fast. Prepare yourself to become a BadAss RunningMom!

What are People Saying?

Colleen Legary - "This 28 Day Challenge is amazing! Carey's workouts are short and intense, no crazy equipment needed. I even did the HIIT workouts in a hotel room while traveling with my daughters hockey team it was great, as the thing I hate most when away from home and routine is missing those workouts!! The group atmosphere is wonderful and supportive, good bad or ugly, post it!! We are all in the same boat, kids, work, housework, stress! The support and encouragement from the other women is amazing and uplifting. Carey I can't thank you enough for this group! So many mornings I wouldn't want to get my butt out of bed, but then I'd think, it's only 30 min, and I can say I did it!! Kudos to you, and thanks for the ass kickin."

Sign UP NOW.

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3 Simple Workouts

For Busy Moms Like You

I know you don't have much time. I know you want to get fit and strong so here are 3 quick and very effective HIIT sytle workouts. These are designed for you, a busy mom like me who just needs a good workout in a short amount of time! These 3 workouts can be done anywhere in less than 30 minutes and will help you get fit, lean and fast...finally!

Get your 3 FREE runner specific workouts here!




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